Senior Athlete Management Pool

In line with the High Performance plan and as mandated by the recently endorsed policy KNZCC2, Karate New Zealand have introduced the Senior Athlete Management Pool.

In our continued commitment to support athletes and exploring different ways in developing world level competitiveness within the country, we believe this pool will give the desired support to senior athletes creating access to new opportunities whilst requiring from the athletes dedication and commitment.

Update of the current members for the 2017 Senior Athletes Pool are:

1. Anacan, Andrea
2. Anacan, Angelo
3. Awajiya, Haruka
4. Clayton, Edwine
5. Edgar, Nina
6. Evans, Chad
7. Gill, Barney
8. Hoshi, Isaac
9. Laufoli, Bruce
10. Laufoli, Ross
11. Laufoli, Sevita
12. McLachlan, John
13. Monk, Carl
14. Monk, Marina
15. Nicolaie, Adriana
16. Oliver, Alison
17. Pagalilawan, Elian
18. Richardson, Sean
19. Scott, Sian
20. Scott, Zak
21. Tana, Teuarangi
22. Thomason, Amy
23. Watkin, Rebecca
24. Wong, Ada
25. Yee, Suzanne

This list was last updated on 18th June, 2017. 

Members must adhere to all conditions set in KNZAM1 and KNZCC2 or will be removed from the pool.

Applications for 2018 are open and will close 30 November 2017.

Application procedures to join the Senior Athlete Management Pool can be found here.


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