Mabuni International Karate Open Championships 2016

Published on August 31, 2016
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Mabuni Championship medals

Mabuni International Karate Open Championships was held on 28th August 2016 at the Auckland Netball Centre.

Thank you to all the karate clubs for their support:

Shotokanshitoryu Karate Association New Zealand
Jyoshinmon New Zealand
Karate Remuera
Miyagi Kan Karate Club
Waikato Rembuden
Fushin Ryu Karate
Shitokai NZ
Bay of Plenty Karate
Kapiti Goju

Red Scorpion Dojo
Karate Development Arts and Sports
Kimekai Karate

Many thanks to Sensei Kenyu Mabuni and Sensei Con Kassis for their seminars. Both seemed very happy with the event and they are looking forward to bringing their teams to support this Championship in 2018. 

Johnny Ling
Auckland & Northland Council Member

Facebook photos - courtesy of Bill Wong
Mabuni International Karate Open Championships NZ 2016

Results of the Mabuni International Karate Open Championships
Medals by Karate Club