Published on October 15, 2017
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Canterbury Westland were the first region in KNZ to implement the compulsory fitness testing as outlined in KNZCC2 and facilitated by the Olympic Solidarity National Athlete Programme.

Both sensei Greg Burgess and sensei Rebecca Dobson, after having run this first test under the supervision of Dr Andy Roosen, are now mandated to schedule and run these official fitness tests for their region.  Congratulations on leading the way for KNZ!

The day was a great success which can all be accredited to Greg and Rebecca’s immaculate preparation and planning.  Liaising and working closely with Andy before the actual test day ensured that everything on the day ran smoothly.

Testing took place at Ara Polytechnic in Christchurch and was attended by 12 of the senior premier athletes from the region.  After having introduced the concept of a new battery of fitness tests in April this year, and having a taster run through at the camp in July, both the facilitators and athletes had some understanding of how the day would run.  All athletes duly presented themselves, completed the KNZ profile sheets, and gave consent to being photographed and videoed.

The following tests took place:

  • Yoyo test
  • McCloy Fitness Test
  • Hexagonal Obstacle Test
  • T Drill Test
  • Sargent Jump Test
  • RAST


Andy briefed all athletes and explained each test in detail. Athletes were allowed adequate rest as per the testing protocol. The protocol took approximately 2.5 hours to run with 12 athletes.

The following athletes took part:

  • Cam Russell
  • Ruby Walton
  • Juliet McLachlan
  • John McLachlan
  • Ben Wheeler
  • Holly Wigg
  • Taylah Emmett
  • Jade Taylor
  • Nadia Edmond
  • Adriana Nicolaie
  • Josh Heslop
  • Britney Aldridge