The duties of this council include:

· To establish and maintain a written record of all registered Dan grade members correctly belonging to KNZ.

· To examine and consider the bona fides of Dan grade members applying for affiliation to Karate New Zealand, and making these findings known to the members of the Executive Board.

· To conduct annual Karate New Zealand Dan Gradings in accordance with the Dan Grade Council policy and to issue Karate New Zealand certification to successful applicants.

· To publish a syllabus detailing the requirements for Karate New Zealand Dan Grade examinations

· To provide unsuccessful candidates who fail Dan examinations a statement of reasons for their failure.

· To receive, via the Executive Board, all recommendations for the issuing of the WKF Dan Homologation certificates.

· To examine the bona fides, technical record and character of recommended applicants for the WKF Homologation Certificate and to report back to the Executive Board.

· The WKF Homologation Certification is recognition of an existing Dan Grade and may not be used in itself to gain access to higher technical promotion within Karate New Zealand.


Jack Sims


Email: jacksims679@gmail.com

• Foundation member and past President of KNZ (UNZKO) 1972
• Kancho Sensei Chidokan New Zealand 9th dan Black Belt.
• Medal winner at the first WKF World championships 1970.
• Represented New Zealand as a WUKO (WKF) Referee, APUKO referee council member, served as NZ National coach and Team Manager.
• Board Chairman and International Examiner Chidokan Karate-do International.
• Awarded MNZM for service to the development of Karate-do in New Zealand 2023
• Jack’s martial arts career started at the age of seventeen (1958) and involving Judo Aikido and finally karate-do. Trained in Japan and graduated from the Chidokai International Instructors course. 

Dean Wiseman

• Black Belt 7th Dan Jitsuei Kai, 6th Dan JKF Goju Kai • KNZ Coach

• NZ Competitor, including the inaugural JKF World Championships, Singapore 1987; and 3rd JKF World Goju Kai Championships, Christchurch 1995.

• Executive positions: longstanding Board Member for CWKA, Karate Christchurch, and JKF Goju Kai NZ

• Beginning in 1974, Dean's martial arts journey includes Judo, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Karate. Dean has graded and competed in each discipline. His dedication to Goju Ryu style Karate began in 1984 under the guidance of Pat McGregor Sensei. In pursuit of continuous improvement, Dean makes an annual pilgrimage to Japan for intensive karate training.

Duane Monk

Thorsten Windhorst

Kevin Plaisted


Jack Sims
021 526246
​​​​​​​Email: jacksims679@gmail.com


· To establish a New Zealand Dan Grade Register that will accurately contain all KNZ certified Dan grade members.

· To establish a similar register that will record the correct details of Instructors/Teachers certified by KNZ Dan Grade Council.

· To convene a KNZ National Dan Grade Examining Panel (minimum of 3 members at any Grading) comprised of senior Dan ranking examiners.

· To organise and conduct annual National Dan Gradings and formulate criteria and an outline of the technical requirements pertaining to the ranking system.

· To design and issue KNZ Dan Grade certificates to Karate New Zealand members who have had their Dan Grade ratified by KNZ Grading Council or who have successfully passed a Dan examination conducted by the Dan Grading Council.

· Where appropriate receive and make recommendation for the issue of the official WKF Dan Homologation certificates.