The administration of the business of Karate New Zealand shall be vested in a National Executive Board of Management to be called the Executive Board.

The Executive Board of Karate New Zealand works to ensure the best interests of all our members. 

The Executive Board consists of the following office bearers:
• President, who shall be the Chairperson
• Secretary-General
• Treasurer
• Up to four additional Board members

The full description of the Executive Board, including duties and powers, are available in our Constitution. They are further extended in our Bylaws.


Grant Holland

Email: gholland@karatenz.org.nz

​​​​​​​Grant is a people oriented, results-focused Senior Executive with over two decades of leadership experience gained through National Management, Country Head, and CEO roles.  He has a strong sense of purpose and motivation to help teams, organisations, and individuals achieve beyond what was thought possible.  Over the course of his career Grant has been a past board member, WKF Referee, and is a current 6th Dan.

Secretary General

Email: ​​​​​​​

    Rachel Lang

    Email: ​​​​​​​rlang@karatenz.org.nz

    Rachel is a Chartered Accountant. Rachel brings extensive experience operating at a high level in Corporate organisations including Forsyth Barr and Deloittes. Rachel is based in Otago. 

    Dave Harris
    Coaching Council Liason, Referee Council Chair

    Email: dharris@karatenz.org.nz

    • Fushin Ryu Karate
    • Black Belt 4th Dan
    • 2015/2016 World Karate Federation Qualifications, received WKF Referee A status this year
    • 2011 Oceania Karate Federation Qualifications
    • 2006 Karate New Zealand Qualifications

    Dave started Chidokan Karate under Kancho Jack Sims in 1978, and joined Fushin Ryu Karate in 1996. He has been part of the KNZ RC since 2016, and has represented New Zealand as a referee at OKF and WKF since 2011.

    Patricia Reilly
    KNZ Website, Regional Councils, Grassroots Karate Development

    Email: preilly@karatenz.org.nz

    As a 5th Dan Black black in Goju-Ryu Karate Do New Zealand, a previous Regional and National Champion (and medalist) and two-time Prime Minister's Scholarship winner, Sensei Patricia has over 40 years of training under her belt. She competed in sport karate from 1986 to 2006, ending her competitive career with a silver medal for Team Kata at Oceania Karate Championships. Patricia has also been a KNZ National Coach, a member of the KNZ Coaching Council and KNZ Board member previously. Patricia started her karate journey in 1984 when she went to the Rembuden Dojo (lead by Sensei John Jarvis) to learn some self defence, "Anyone can do karate. It not only disciplines the body it also disciplines the mind".

    Having raised ten children, Sensei Patricia has this to say, "As humans, we all need structure, ritual and good habits. Karate creates strong structures that individuals can build resilience on, set goals and break boundaries they never thought possible! As a member of Karate New Zealand and in my role on the KNZ Board, I want to help as many people as possible live authentic lives that enhance their wellbeing and that of others through karate. That is karate. The Art of the Empty Hand."

    Aviette Musin

    Email: amusin@karatenz.org.nz

    Aviette has a background in Executive leadership and Board Governance including Chief Executive and Board director, and is Institute of Directors Qualified in Governance. Aviette is excited about the pivotal role that sports like Karate can play in enhancing the wellbeing of New Zealanders. She loves to help organisations to achieve their full potential through good leadership and governance. With a qualified outside of karate fresh perspective, we believe Aviette will be instrumental in leading and helping with a new positive future focussed chapter for Karate New Zealand.