About the Coaching Council

•    assisting and facilitating the development of recognised coaches from the club level, through regional, national and international levels using an evolving coaching pathway (that includes WKF accreditation) based on the needs of our New Zealand players and coaches.
•    working with regional councils to provide regular squad training within each region to cater to the needs of children, cadet, junior and senior competitors, as well as increasing the number of regional coaches
•    establishing criteria for Karate New Zealand team selection at regional, national and international levels
•    organising, in collaboration with the hosting region, national tournaments, e.g. NZ Open, NZ Cup, NZ National Secondary Schools’ Championships and the NZ National Championships
•    planning and coordinating the KNZ calendar of events for National and approved regional competitions
•    working in conjunction with the activities of Sport New Zealand and New Zealand Olympic Committee
•    drawing upon coaching experience from persons or associations compatible and acceptable to Karate New Zealand to organise National or Invitational Training Camps
•    developing, implementing and maintaining a national coaching plan for Kumite and Kata competitors and coaches from a development level through to a High-Performance Programme; this includes monitoring player’s fitness programmes alongside the athletes to improve performance
•    build and maintain relationships with regional, national, international, and educational sporting boards (e.g. School Sport New Zealand) to further promote and support karate in our New Zealand community.


Jason Ng



  • Jyoshinmon Shorin Ryu Karate
  • Black Belt 3rd Dan
  • 2014/2016 Oceania Karate Federation Qualifications
  • 2006 Karate New Zealand Qualifications

Jason started martial arts in 1973, moving to Jyoshinmon Shorin Ryu in 2003. He has represented New Zealand at OKF Championships as a referee since 2016, and has been the chairman of Karate Auckland Inc since 2016.

Jimileen Tamaki


Keith Crawford

National Director of Coaching

Grant Zent

Athlete Liaison & Player Welfare Officer 

Emily Hall​​​​​​​

Council Member


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For queries regarding training programmes and aspects of fitness, don't hesitate to get in touch with Grant at 

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