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Logo for Karate AucklandThe Board of Karate Auckland Inc promotes karate (traditional and sport) in the Auckland and Northland Region.  The primary focus being the organisation and promotion of sport karate within the region.

Karate Auckland currently organises 5 regional tournaments each year and is currently working on how these tournaments can be better managed and whether more tournaments can be held. 

The Board of Karate Auckland Inc is elected each year at its Annual General Meeting by its members who comprise all the karate clubs that reside in the Auckland and Northland provinces and who are current members of Karate New Zealand.

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Council Members

  • Image of Jason Ng

    Jason Ng

    Sensei Jason Ng was elected in 2016, chairs the High Performance Working Party and is an Oceania Referee and Judge.
  • Image of Gene Browne

    Gene Browne

    Gene has previously served on both the Auckland Council and National Coaches Council.
  • Image of Ramon Lopez

    Ramon Lopez

    Relatively new to New Zealand, Ramon has recently moved from the Philippines and has already been working within the Auckland Northland Council.
  • Image of Beaty Bennett
    Council Member

    Beaty Bennett

    Sensei Beaty Bennett has worked on the Auckland Region Board for over a decade and was previously the Chairperson. Currently as an active Council Member and Sensei with Jyoshinmon Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do.
  • Image of Craig Nordstrand
    Council Member

    Craig Nordstrand

    Shihan, 6th Dan, born 15/11/1956 in Whangarei New Zealand.
  • Image of Jimmy Fitzpatrick
    Council Member

    Jimmy Fitzpatrick

    Sensei Jimmy Fitzpatrick was elected on the Auckland Regional Council in 2016
  • Image of Alywin Suva
    Council Member

    Alywin Suva

    Sensei Alywin Suva was elected to the Auckland Regional Council in 2016